3 Health Benefits of Massages for Injury Recovery

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August 24, 2018

Massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial for the recovery and rehabilitation following an injury. Discover the health benefits of massage and how our team can assist in your recovery!

3 Health Benefits of Massages for Injury Recovery

Have you been injured playing sports, working out or simply running errands? No matter how you sustained it, the associated pain and discomfort of an injury can be difficult to bear, and frustrating to manage.

Massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial for recovery and rehabilitation following an injury. What are 3 major health benefits of massage, and how can our team assist in your recovery? Keep reading to find out more.

The Health Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy has many overall benefits in itself, and can contribute to a feeling of relaxation, clarity and wellbeing. However, the benefits of massage therapy on an injury can affect how you feel day to day, and will help you better cope as you regain your strength.

During your first visit to the Complete Care Injury Centre, you’ll undergo a complete chiropractic examination. If necessary, your consultant may recommend a course of massage therapy, which will benefit your recovery in 3 major ways.

1. Increases Range of Movement

Whether you sustain a sprain, twist your ankle, break a bone or suffer a fracture, the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed and restricts movement. This inflammation can cause pain, discomfort, and muscle or joint stiffness.

The movements of your massage therapist will cause the surrounding muscles to become warm and expand, breaking up tightness and reducing swelling within the joints.

2. Releases Toxins and Promotes Healing

The motions used during injury massage helps to promote blood flow to the tissue and muscles surrounding the injured area. Increased blood circulation helps to flush out the build-up of lactic acid and toxins.

Your massage therapist can also promote lymphatic drainage, which will reduce swelling and reduce tissue inflammation. Injury massage can also trigger the production of new tissue that help heal the affected area.

3. Improves Posture

Among the many benefits of massage therapy is improved posture. Whilst good posture brings with it a whole host of health benefits in itself, during injury recovery it works wonders.

Correct posture will help you to keep your bones and joints aligned correctly. This ensures that they all carry the appropriate load, and no muscle or joint need compensate for the under-use of another.

Good posture will also give you more energy, as your body will use less time trying to correct itself – time which can then be used to heal.

The Health Benefits of Massage for Injury Recovery

When you’ve suffered an injury, the initial pain is one thing, but the associated recovery can be daunting. Injury massage is a wonderful tool that our team employs to help your body heal, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

The nature of injury massage means that your body will be stimulated to begin the process of regeneration. Increased blood circulation and toxin release will reduce inflammation and fluid retention. And improved posture will ensure that you continue your therapy long after you’ve left CCIC.

If you’ve been injured, why not contact us. With our skills and expertise, and a tailor-made recovery plan, we can aid your rehabilitation and help you get back on your feet.

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