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Complete Care Injury Center

Chiropractors and Employees Providing Comprehensive Health Care with Compassion.

High Quality Chiropractic Care With Compassion, Respect, And Trust

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About Us.

Complete Care Injury Center has been serving the Las Vegas Community for over 27 years.

We are Chiropractors who focus on personal injury care; our treatments are tailor-made to accommodate the needs of every individual patient.

Our practice is unique in that we subscribe to a more conservative and medically accepted approach that is supported by science and research.

We are well integrated into the medical community. The confidence from the community and medical professionals has allowed us to receive referrals from many local primary care physicians.

Many patients need specialized care and we co-manage our patients with the best medical team.

At CCIC we understand that getting in an auto accident is a very stressful event, so we make sure that your recovery process is smooth and stress-free.

We are Chiropractors in Las Vegas Treating spinal, extremity injuries, sports-based and whiplash injuries has allowed us to assure you that you will get the best evidence-based quality care.

Our injury rehabilitation is specific to your needs, so we can get you back to performing your favorite activities pain-free and get you started on a healthy, active lifestyle.

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